What Is The Best Way To Wine Bottle Opener ?

Bottle opener

It all begins here. Your next big crush. Your new favorite bottle. And it’s time to make the first move. They say the best wine is the one you haven’t tried yet. And what is the best way to Bottle Opener?

Here are several ways to open a wine bottle. You should use caution when using any of these methods and keep the bottle for another time when you have better tools available.


This Is How to Use A Bottle Opener with A Corkscrew.

First, remove the foil that is covering the cork. Simply slide the knife of a waiter’s corkscrew around the lip of the wine bottle and peel away the foil. Place your corkscrew in the center of the cork and push it down slightly, pressing the sharp screw into the pin. Rotate the corkscrew clockwise while asserting pressure, forcing the corkscrew to turn into the cork.

You’re ready to remove the cork as soon as the last loop of the corkscrew is covered by the pin. Use the corkscrew to help remove the cork from the wine bottle. If there is still a cork in the bottle, pull it out using the corkscrew’s second step.


The Most Useful Bottle Opener Is One That Pushes the Cork In

A wooden spoon should work if you don’t mind pressing the cork into the bottle rather than pulling it out. Before inserting the pin into the bottle with the spoon’s wooden handle, remove any foil or wax.

This method works best with rubber or younger corks; a vintage bottle of wine is more likely to crumble. If you get some pins in, pour over a mesh strainer to remove any floating particles.

Legacy Corkscrew

It is one of the most popular bottle openers among professional wine collectors and one of the most expensive options. Simply position the bottle below the corkscrew (some types clip the bottle in), pull down the lever to force the worm through the cork, and then lift the lever back up to close the corkscrew.

The Key Method 

If all you have on hand are your keys, don’t worry, you can still use them. You only need a towel and a key. Insert the key at a 45° angle into the cork, across the middle of the cork. Use the cloth to help push the key deeper into the cork. As soon as the teeth of your keys are firmly embedded in the pin, you can begin spinning it. Patience and raw power may be required here, but the cork will start to rise out of the bottle.

Use Wire Hanger, Serrated Knife, or Scissors

When you can’t use the genuine item, a key, a wire hanger, a serrated knife, or even a pair of scissors will often suffice. Just be cautious not to cut yourself. And if you don’t go deep enough into the cork, you’ll end up a crumbling mess. Insert your gadget at a 45-degree angle into the pin and begin twisting like a corkscrew. If you put it in correctly, you should watch the cork rise until you can grab it with your fingers.

Two Paperclips

This technique is similar to the second wire hanger method, but you’ll need two clips and a pen or pliers. How to open it using two paper clips?

Unwrap two paper clips so that each has just one hook. Insert the hook end of the paperclip into the wine bottle side, then repeat with the second paperclip, but on the opposite side. Rotate the two paper clips so the hooks may latch onto the bottom of the cork.

The Shoe Method 

Though it may seem ridiculous, the shoe method has been a largely successful wine bottle opener for decades.

Place the bottle into a shoe where your heel would normally go. You can add a towel between the bottle and the shoe for extra padding. Find a hard, flat surface and repeatedly hit the heel of the shoe (while holding the wine) against it.

We recommend doing it with some force but not so much that you risk breaking the bottle entirely. After a few hits, you should see the cork coming out of the bottle. Make sure you do this away from anything breakable or people, as the cork may inadvertently shoot out.


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